Elixir Fund

Organization Name:Elixir Fund

Website: http://www.elixirfund.org/

Founded: 2003 in Princeton Junction,New Jersey

Elixir Fund’s goal is to reduce the stress associated with treatment and provide support so that patients and caregivers can take a break from cancer. Provide programs in hospitals like Movies and Music and Mini Makeovers.

 “Cancer = the greatest gift in really ugly wrapping,” Kevin McQuarrie 2003.

  • Will help find practitioners, transportation, meal services and complimentary therapies like yoga, message and meditation that help relieve the side effects of treatment and ease the cancer journey in your local area.
  • Ideas, resources and direction to people who want to help a cancer patient as well as ideas and techniques to take care of the caregiver.
  • Discounted rates on listed goods and services at Elixir Local Listings.

Gift Registry for patients and caregivers going through cancer treatment

Contact Information:

(800) 494-9228

P.O. Box 326
Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550