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Organization Name:Mary’s Place By The Sea


Founded: 2009 in Ocean Grove, NJ

Guests find solace in many types of treatments like ontological massage therapy, spa and salon treatments, nutritional meals, yoga, touch therapy, journal writing, group workshops or individual counseling, prevention lectures, support groups or just a place to find some peace.

  • Provides a calming place for women with cancer to relax, rejuvenate and heal.
  • A highly spiritual, non-denominational sanctuary for women who feel broken and exhausted from their battle.
  • All are welcomed and comforted with love and kindness.

Contact Information:

Michelle Gannon, Co-Founder
(732)455-5344, 5345

Maria McKeon Co-Founder, Co-Founder
(732)455-5344, 5345

Janice Barra, House Manager
(732)455-5344, 5345

15 Broadway
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756