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Organization Name:Cancer Support Community North Jersey Shore


Founded: 2007 in Eatontown, NJ

(Formerly The Wellness Community and The Diney Goldsmith Center)Primarily NJ

Residents of Monmouth and Ocean County, but all are welcome.

A Place for education, support and hope so that no one faces cancer alone.

  • Education and psychological programming from licensed professionals to help regain control, reduce isolation and stress, improve quality of life and restore hope.
  • Many different support groups for anyone affected by cancer (patients, family, friends of all ages and genders) that are holistic and evidence based.
  • From social activities to cooking to relaxation and beauty programs, gentle exercise, yoga, mediation, spirituality and many other techniques for achieving overall health, recovery and wellness.
  • Program calendar and upcoming events on line.
  • Everyone is welcome. All programs free of charge.
  • Open M-F 9a-5p. Some programs on weekends and evenings.  Call or drop in for a visit.

Contact Information:

Mary Beth Maida, Executive Director

Sher Von Fosson, Program Director, LCSW

613 Hope Road
Eatontown, New Jersey 07724