International Cozmeena Registry #16

Betty Stevens

Knit by:
Completed: May 2006
Type of shawl: Waterfall Blue Acrylic w Loop Fringe Wool

Beautiful Betty Stevens.   Since the early 70s when I joined Ship Ahoy Beach Club as a young teenager, Betty manned the front desk.  She and Jim Jackson ran the beach club together until his stroke left him partially paralyzed in the 90s.  Jim’s son Darryl has managed the beach club since and Betty has remained the administrative manager and is a fixture at the front desk.  In the summer of 2001, Timmy was an infant so I spent a lot of time in the lobby to get out of the sun.  It was then that I really got to know Betty on a new level. That October after 9/11, Betty and Darryl opened the closed beach club for a tribute party for Ted and Donny Robertson who both worked at Cantor Fitzgerald and were well known and well-loved within our beach club community.   When Jim died in 2006, I knit Betty her Waterfall Blue acrylic Cozmeena Shawl to keep her cozy and warm  through that long first winter.  Ship Ahoy and the people we shared five great summers with holds a very dear and special place in our hearts to this day.