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Lisa Luckett's International Cozmeena Shawl Registrations

#1 Kathleen Vilardi, PhD /January 2006/Black/Blue/Multi-colored Wool

#2 Bar Scott /January 2006/Fisherman White Chenille

#3 Carol Kane /January 2006/Fisherman's Wool

#4 Kristin Martin /January 2006/Wheat Wool

#5 Melissa Keale /February 2006/Charcoal Grey Wool

#6 Cathrine Satzke /February 2006/Wheat Wool

#7 Cindy Morea /February 2006/Charcoal Grey Wool

#8 Susan McDowell /February 2006/Imported Green/Blue Heather Wool

#9 Peeka Tildesley /March 2006/Pastel Multi-Color Wool

#10 Terri Reinstein /March 2006/Black Chenille

#11 Connie Lindeman /March 2006/Blue/Green Multi Wool

#12 Kathleen McDermott, MD /April 2006/Fisherman White

#13 Jennifer Jaffin /April 2006/Charcoal Grey Wool

#14 Liz Swikhart /May 2006/Vibrant Jewel Tones Multi wool

#15 Loren Phillips /May 2006/Charcoal Grey Wool

#16 Betty Stevens /May 2006/Waterfall Blue Acrylic w Loop Fringe Wool

#17 Lisa Gilmoure /Williamsburg Blue acrylic Wool

#18 Mary Ellen Purcell /June 2006/Coral Pink Sunset acrylic

#19 Karen Keegan /July 2006/Regency Blue/Purple acrylic

#20 Ophelia Laughlin /October 2006/Fisherman White Wool

#21 Maria Orr /November 2006/Navy Blue Wool

#22 Love INC Charity Concert with Bar Scott /Pink Orange Yellow Mulit color Wool

#23 Carolyn Eyerman Director Love INC /December 2006/Fisherman White Wool

#24 Fair Haven Book Group Christmas Exchange /December 2006/Teal Blue Wool-Double Skein

#25 Beth Micioni /December 2006/Denim Blue Wool

#26 Jean Mafeo /January 2007/Navy Blue Wool

#27 Vicky LaVecchia /January 2007/Swerve Pepper Multi Grey Wool

#28 Cynthia ‘Bymph’ Benfield /February 007/Charcoal Grey Wool

#29 Fair Haven PTA Luncheon /February 2007/Pink Orange Yellow Mulit color

#30 Mindy Franklin Becker /February 2007/Fisherman White Wool

#31 Mary ‘Mare Mare’ Keale /February 2007/Denim Blue Wool

#32 Susan Mayer /March 2007/Fig Wool

#33 Cindy Donahue /April 2007/Blue/Green Double Skein Acrylic

#34 Karen Frank /Autumn Harvest Double Skein

#35 Mary Lenskold /May 2007/Nouveau Purple Pink Double Skein

#36 OWU Friends Fund at The New York Yacht Club /June 2007/Peach Yellow Double Skein

#37 OWU Friends Fund at The New York Yacht Club /June 2007/Autumn Harvest Double Skein

#38 Amy Johnson /July 2007/Sierra Tan Orange Double Skein

#39 Karen Hartshorn /August 2007/Blue/Green Double Skein Acrylic

#40 Fair Haven Historic Association Auction /September 2007/Nouveau Purple Pink Double Skein

#41 Karen Doyle /October 2007/Cranberry Wool

#42 Carol DiVirgilio /September 2007/Taupe Wool

#43 Pam Lister /September 2007/Tan/Maroon multi double skein

#44 Cathy Weisser /September 2007/Claret Red Wool

#45 Chrissy Carlson /October 2007/Fisherman White Wool

#46 Fair Haven Education Foundation Auction /October 2007/Autumn Harvest acrylic double skein

#47 Cindy Paolicelli /October 1007/Wheat Wool

#48 Family & Children’s Services Gala Chance Auction /November 2007/Nouveau Purple Pink Double Skein

#49 Mary Embry /November 2007/Waterfall Blue Acrylic w Loop Fringe

#50 Margie Christianson /December 2007/Denim Blue

#51 Lucille Christianson /December 2007/Navy Blue Wool

#52 Nancy Maloof /January 2008/Waterfall Blue Acrylic

#53 Fair Haven PTA Chance Auction /January 2008/Black/Brown mohair acrylic

#54 Paula Jordan /March 2008/Navy Blue Wool

#55 Kristina Lucas /Autumn Harvest acrylic double skein

#56 Enid Billerbach /November 2008/Yellow Double Skein Acrylic

#57 Elaine Lenherdt /October 2010/Off White thick acrylic

#58 Margot Keale /October 2010/Grass Green

#59 Rose Koerwer /October 2010/Denim Blue Wool

#60 Kelley Duddy /October 2010/Taupe/Brown Light Weight Wool

#61 Karen Cardinale /December 2010/Medium Blue Light Weight Acrylic

#62 Rose Raibick /January 2010/Black Multi speck acrylic

#63 Christi Ferraris /February 2010/Denim Twist

#64 Lisa Luckett /March 210/Denim Twist

#65 Joan Faulkner /February 2011/Oatmeal Wool

#66 Cathy Woods Hill /March 2011/Denim Twist Wool

#67 National Art Honors Society /May 2011/Oatmeal Wool

#68 Maureen Lloyd /February 2013/Bernat Autumn acrylic

#69 Kathleen Vilardi, PhD /June 2012/Bernat Dark blue mulit acrylic

#70 Dede Luckett /October 2012/Grass Green Wool

#71 Lisa Luckett /January 2010/Barley Wool

#72 Lisa Ricker /March 2013/Midnight blue/black hand loomed Wool

#73 Jamie Turner /March 2013/Purple blend of two yarns: Barrington Homespun and Bernat Alpaca Plum/Prune

#74 Kristen Gould /March 2011/Fisherman Wool White/Tan/Brown Triple Skein Wool

#75 Monmouth Park Charities Auction /May 2013/Winter White Mohair Acrylic

#76 Colleen Wood /May 2013/Brown/Tan Soft Acrylic

#77 Power of the Pink Luncheon Auction/Monmouth Medical Center Women’s Council /July 2013/Pink/Blue Pastel Multi acrylic double skein

#78 Ann Murdock /July 2013/Cranberry Wool

#79 Sarah Maris /Oatmeal Wool

#80 Horizons Gala Auction /November 2013/Green/Blue Multi Acrylic Triple Skein

#91 Katie Day Moyer /November 2013/Snapdragon Wool

#103 Diane DeStefano Mevorah /December 2013/Cranberry

#181 Power of the Pink Luncheon Auction/Monmouth Medical Center Women’s Council /July 2014/Bright Pink Acrylic Double Skein