Carol in Cozmeena

International Cozmeena Registry #3

Carol Kane

Knit by:
Completed: January 2006
Type of shawl: Fisherman's Wool

Carol-Leigh Kane-iac is a true original.  Her warmth, ‘coolness’, humor and love prevail whenever and wherever she is.  People are drawn to her like a magnet.  Anyone who meets her wants to be her friend. Her special way is corralled within her wonderful family: Tom, Kendall, Courtney and Peter.  Carol is the originator of the name Cozmeena.   The Kane’s are an important part of my story post-9/11 for many reasons (see Stories).  One cold, wet Sunday morning in late January 2006, I excitedly drove over to give Carol her shawl.  I had started it from two skeins of fisherman white wool that I had from years before.  I had been playing around with the pattern and this wool was working perfectly.   I had to get three more skeins to finish it and when I looked there was a distinct line of difference between the colors of yarn (dye-lot).  I wasn’t worried.  No one was judging.  It was made completely from love and it was big and beautiful.  When I walked in the kitchen everyone was in their pajamas and gathered in the family room and kitchen.  When I wrapped the shawl around Carol in the ‘Cozmeena Fashion’ she exclaimed excitedly, “It’s so big!  It so cozy! It’s like a great big hug!”  Then she spun around a few times and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.  She stopped dramatically and said, ” But it’s so glamorous?!?  It’s like a Pashmina!  No it’s a Coz-meena!”  We all laughed but the thought stayed with me.  It was the perfect name.  The fact that I am such a bad speller and didn’t know how to spell Pashmina explains why Cozmeena is spelled the way it is.  Ha! Maybe it’s supposed to have the word ‘me’ in it because women need to take care of themselves…hmmmm…