International Cozmeena Registry #6

Cathrine Satzke

Knit by:
Completed: February 2006
Type of shawl: Wheat Wool

Cathrine and Klaus Satzke saved me the first year after 9/11.  Every weekend they would come over with coffee and glazed donuts  and bring their girls Hannah and Fini to play with Jen and Billy.  Fini and Billy are the same age and Hannah was like an older sister to Jen. We spent many, many weekends together that year.  In November 2001 their third daughter, Claudia, was born.  She was the most beautiful and precious baby girl.  Timmy was six months old when she was born and he was literally three times bigger.  Cath and Klaus would take my kids for playdates and sleepovers.  Their house was a place that my kids felt safe and comfortable enough to be away from me.  Having those breaks saved me.  Their love and friendship was so genuine that I could relax enough to receive their help.  Their warmth and care was just the medicine I needed to fill the vast, bleak hours that each weekend presented for me as a single, isolated mother of  three young children.  I made Cathrine her Cozmeena out of a mottled off white yarn with specks of black and brown called Wheat.  She has original fringe made from two different yarns making it a one-of-a kind Cozmeena that suits her perfectly.