International Cozmeena Registry #8

Susan McDowell

Knit by:
Completed: February 2006
Type of shawl: Imported Green/Blue Heather Wool

Susan Hunt McDowell…just thinking of her makes me laugh.  I don’t know a person with a better or more twisted sense of humor.  Our husbands both attended Ohio Wesleyan together and through them Susan and I became fast friends.  We spent many weekends together in Connecticut in the late 80s and 90s.  We sailed in BVIs, had wonderful times on Shelter Island and went to a random dude ranch in Arkansas so her kids could visit a state that started with the letter ‘A’.  Our years together as couples and then as families with young children were the best!  The kids became cousins and are to this day.  I knit Susan’s Cozmeena out of a hand-died wool of greens and blues.  She is fair haired with fair skin and bright blue, twinkly eyes so the colors of her Cozmeena flatter her beautiful look.  Susan has been my rock through so many trials and tribulations over the past 25 years always listening and never judging.  She is always been on my side.  Susan is very much like Ted in that she has that special ability to find humor and levity (without being inappropriate) to help lighten even in the darkest moments.  She is a stoic and strong beyond measure having conquered incredible medical feats with grace and apprearant ease.