Catch Cozmeena Fever and Feel Good Again!

Cozmeena Fever is when you feel compelled to knit for another person.  If you have Cozmeena Fever, you’ll feel the overwhelming need to take care of another person.  It might be someone who is hurting; someone who has helped you along the way or simply someone to whom you’d like to give a very personal gift of warmth and beauty.   You may find you feel compelled to knit for someone in your community that you don’t know but who is going through a difficult time.  The presentation of the Cozmeena Shawl will instantly forge a new friendship on a very personal level.  It is an act of kindness unlike any other because it took your thoughtfulness, time and care to conjure and complete.

In the 10-12 hours it takes to complete a Cozmeeena Shawl, you will spend that time thinking about your friend.   You will think about her beauty, situation and/or the times you’ve shared together.  You will quietly infuse your love into the shawl. When the energy of your love and care is communed into your knitting, it creates a special magic that your friend will feel every time she wears it.   It’s the magic that comes from the time, care and consideration of a hand-made item.

It is the in act of giving something so personally made that you will then receive soul-filling goodness unlike anything you have ever experienced before.