Hands holding Cozmeena shawls and pocket hearts

Knitting The Cozmeena Shawl — In Depth

The Sensory Experience

The sensory experience of tactile touch that is gained while knitting physiologically calms the central nervous system, slowing your breathing and lowering your heart rate.  Quite simply, knitting is good for you.

We suggest that you make the first Cozmeena Shawl for yourself because (like the oxygen that comes down on the airplane) you have to take care of yourself before you take care of others.  Cozmeena Shawls are a caregiver’s best friend. They are a metaphoric mother’s hug that says you are safe, you are loved and everything will be okay.

For a new knitter the sense of pride, satisfaction and gratification that you will feel when you finish your first shawl is unmatched by almost anything you’ve done before (or in a long time). You will also realize that knitting is so much fun and so relaxing that you’ll want to keep going. You’ll want to make them for other people. You will have caught Cozmeena Fever.

Knitting with a Purpose – the key to Cozmeena Knitting

While knitting for friends and family is fun, the deepest, most meaningful experience of making and giving a Cozmeena Shawl comes when you knit for someone who is going through a difficult time; a cancer diagnosis, a sick child, caring for an aging parent, etc.  You can be called to knit for someone just because you sense they need care. It can be a stranger who’s story you’ve heard or someone you don’t know well but feel a compelling need to help. As you knit for a specific person, you are infusing your love and care into every stitch. You are thinking of them with quiet prayers and infusing it with warmth, comfort and care.  When you give it to your friend (wrapping it around her), it contains a special magic and is akin to touching God. Every time she puts it on she will feel your love and care. It creates a God Wink a moment of Divine experience.

Making a Cozmeena Shawl is that special something you can do when you need to do something but ‘there’s nothing you can do.’ It’s provides soul-filling goodness that takes care of both you and the recipient.

Knitting a Cozmeena is a portable meditation you can do in a crowd.  More and more we hear about the benefits of quieting the mind; knitting provides just that.   Knitting is a socially acceptable act of ‘meditation’ that fulfills your own needs while still staying engaged with others.   Because the pattern is so simple, there is no counting or thinking required allowing you to quiet the analytical side of your mind and open the creative, intuitive side.   This can allow for solutions to arise or to just relax and take a break from your thinking for a while.   Anyone who is around a knitter who’s knitting also benefits from the calm energy that she exudes.

The Camaraderie of Women

The community of women that has embraced Cozmeena Knitting report a sense of purpose and a feeling of warmth and well-being that comes from doing something that fills their time in a productive way.  It is scientific fact that when women spend time together it releases endorphins and lifts their moods. As we all know, it is never good to be too idle or have too much time on your hands. After knitting a Cozmeena Shawl, knitters say they that the entire process fills something that was missing that they couldn’t identify.

Cozmeena Knitting is soul-filling goodness that helps you and all the others around you.