News12 New Jersey: 9/11 widow writes book about years since the attack

From News12 New Jersey:

A woman who lost her husband in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks has written a new book about her experiences in the years since.

Fair Haven resident Lisa Luckett’s husband Ted was killed in the attack. She says that while hundreds of people who lost loved ones on that day gather at Ground Zero for the anniversary, she simply meets with friends at the town’s 9/11 memorial.

“It’s still very sacred. This is a very tight community. I’m where I am because of the support here,” Luckett says.

Luckett’s husband’s death left her to raise her three children alone. They were ages 7, 4 and 4 months at the time.

She says that she’s spent much of the past 17 years working to turn the experience, plus her subsequent battle with cancer, into something positive. She says that the first step came in the days after 9/11 by letting her guard down and letting people help her.

“I walked through this metaphoric door and was overwhelmed by the feelings of gratitude, humility and love that bowled me over. And I have never stopped seeing the positive ever since,” Luckett says.

She says that a few years later she came up with a way to give back — knitting lessons in her living room.

It turned into a form of therapy and meditation for dozens of local women who had come to her aid in those days after the attacks. She says it grew into a brand she calls Cozmeena. It includes hand-knit shawls, her new book and a new life as an inspirational speaker, working to help others struggling with grief and loss.

“It’s based on 9/11. It’s the story, the book, of how 9/11 became the catalyst for me to experience remarkable personal growth,” Luckett says.

More information about Luckett and her brand can be found at her website.

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