International Cozmeena Registry #12

Kathleen McDermott, MD

Knit by:
Completed: April 2006
Type of shawl: Fisherman White

Kathy McDermott, MD is the best chiropractor in the world.  She and her husband Greg have run Fair Haven Chiropractic for the past 15+ years.  Kathy is also a mother to two great girls; Carly who is now 19 and Drew who is 13.  Drew was born with Downs Syndrome.  In the 15 years that I’ve know Kathy McDermott, she has lived her life with intelligence, grace and love for those she cares for.  Drew is incredibly dear to her.  When I’ve had strange medical scares with my children, Kathy is the first person I call.  Her calm and confident demeanor always makes me feel better and more in control.  Being a friend and patient of Kathy McDermott’s has been my gift  and pleasure.