International Cozmeena Registry #11

Connie Lindeman

Knit by:
Completed: March 2006
Type of shawl: Blue/Green Multi Wool

Connie Lindeman is my mother.  When I was 8 or so, she began to very patiently teach me how to knit,  crochet, sew, needlepoint, cross stitch and cruel.  The calmness and soothing satisfaction that comes from doing handy work is the greatest gift my mother gave me.   I am an average knitter; I just knit a lot of the same thing. My mother is truly talented and  her talents far exceed mine.  I have several sweaters that she knit for me that I wouldn’t even be able to read the pattern for. The Cozmeena I knit for her is the only one of it’s kind;  a multi-colored wool with variations of blues and greens.  In the last 18 months of my father’s life, he wore my mother’s Cozmeena every day.  He often told me how much he loved it.  It gives me great peace to know I could bring him some level of comfort at the painful and frustrating end of his life.  He never complained.  He was the picture of stoic grace and resilience to the end.  Rest in peace, Dad.  I love you. xo