International Cozmeena Registry #10

Terri Reinstein

Knit by:
Completed: March 2006
Type of shawl: Black Chenille

Terri LaBriola Reinstein came into my life in the spring of 1983 on our first day as advertising sales people for KNUS-AM Radio in Denver, Colorado.  In an instant we were connected.  Her quick wit and sharp mind has a wonderful appeal.  Her twisted sense of humor pulled me in to become lifelong friends.  I also gained ‘another mother’ as Terri’s mom Sandy Rifkin scooped me up too.  Because I had such a small and scattered family, Terri, Eddie and Sandy became my surrogate family in Colorado and continued to be even after we all moved to Ohio and New York.  After the attacks of 9/11, Terri, Eddie and their children Ashley and Zak drove to NJ from Toledo, Ohio just to be with us.   I knit Terri the first and only black chenille Cozmeena as I began experimenting with other wools.  Needless to say, the chenille didn’t work as well as other choices but never the less, just as Terri stands out as a one-of-a-kind in life,  it is only apropos that she have a very unique Cozmeena Shawl.