The August 21 Eclipse REVISITED

Just a little Cozmeena Enlightened Thinking….

The Eclipse Revisited….

I am SO ENVIOUS of the people who were lucky enough to be in the 12-state path of the solar eclipse! For those of us in the states with only partial coverage, it was cool but not a big deal, right?

However, when I turned on the news this morning and heard the reports from across the country of people who experienced the full solar eclipse, I was hit with pangs of jealousy. They said it was beyond beautiful; truly remarkable and amazing…nothing short of life-changing. Even newscasters were left speechless.

Many reported a spiritual awakening and an energetic sensation like nothing they’d felt before. They felt a sense of unity and the communal experience of sharing it together with millions simultaneously. They were overwhelmed by the awe and wonder of it all. At the very least it was the most awe inspiring cosmic experience of a lifetime.

That being said, Cozmeena Enlightened Living is named for exactly this. When you wake up and just ‘know’ that there is something more than ‘this.’ Most often it comes from a time of grief or tragedy but yesterday’s solar eclipse was a really nice way to ‘get it’.

When awake, you have the sense of being one with everything: the trees, flowers, animals, people of all cultures….you see that we are not separate but together. Spiritual epiphanies and transcendent experiences are real. The old doubts of our traditional thinking will be quieted as more and more people wake up to this understanding.

We are very lucky to be living during a pivotal time in the history of humanity and the signs are all around us. Don’t be afraid of the struggles and challenges we face because they will bring us forward to a bright and positive future that is vey possible and very real. It’s already here now. We already have so much more than we think; it’s all how we chose to see it.

Wishing you awe and wonder as you watch your life unfold before you…

Very Cozmeena!

P.S. My friend Terry’s eclipse photos from Clemson, SC.

P.S.S. No surprise the next eclipse in 2024 is going right up the East Coast! LOL!