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Interview with Abby Gooch 2015 Intuitive U Global Summit

From Abby Gooch, Founder of Life Force Connection:

I want to personally welcome you to the 2015 Intuitive U Global Summit and introduce our eighth expert…
Lisa Luckett is an inspiration to me personally as a member of our Intuitive Success Club at Life Force Connection. She shines the light of truth and wisdom on so many through her experience of life, intuitive connection and deep love. I am honored to have Lisa on this show,. Enjoy her and the beautiful gift she brings to you!

About Lisa:
Lisa Luckett is a mother, entrepreneur, sales executive, writer, speaker, philosopher, teacher, student, 9/11 widow, breast cancer survivor and someone who tries to live her authentic truth every day. She has learned to detach from the outcome of situations and that to pass judgment is to detract from your own self-love. In 2007, with balance, peace and harmony found after a lifetime of study, Lisa embarked on the next phase of her journey as Founder of Cozmeena Enlightened Living.

Cozmeena Enlightened Living is a heart-centered, lifestyle brand based on the foundational elements of warmth, comfort, care, consideration, grace and decency. It is about taking care of yourself as you take care of others, finding comfort through your five senses and connecting with like-minded thinkers.

Since it’s inception, Cozmeena Enlightened Living has been a heart-centered, purpose-driven business where open-mindedness, unconditional love, compassion and truth are the primary focus. It is where intuitive knowledge and the wisdom of the heart guide us to a happy, balanced and meaningful life.

Cozmeena Enlightened Living offers tactical methods to help people feel better. Whether it’s knitting a Cozmeena Shawl, utilizing a vetted list of internet resources when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, reading the stories of life-experience and inspiration that became the foundation of the Cozmeena philosophy, receiving or giving a Pocket Heart® for love and luck or making recipes for yummy comfort food that will warm and sooth you from the inside out, Cozmeena is a light-hearted, pragmatic port in the storm.

There is only kindness and consideration in this land of love. Join us anytime – all are welcome!