Spicy Mexican Posole Stew from Nourish

Spicy Mexican Posole Stew from Nourish

Vegan and gluten-free

Here is a wonderful recipe from a dear friend who loves to inspire the home cook! She introduces people to new foods and ideas encouraging them to step out and try new things. Always healthy and nourishing but so incredibly tasty too, this recipe is a perfect example of cozy, comfort food that is oh so good and so good for you!

Posole (hominy in Spanish) Mexican stew will warm you from the inside out with flavors and textures that combine in a most savory and unique way. The simple ingredient of whole hominy – found in any grocery store — has an unusual, almost meaty texture that is as delicious as it is unique. The aroma of the cinnamon is an inviting addition that sets an olfactory tone not often found in a savory dish.

Delicious spiciness says it all — this stew is not for the light-hearted. If you want to make it a little less spicy, cut back on the Poblano peppers and/or use a little less of the chipotle chili powder but definitely go for it.  The spicy kick is so delicious and the combination of these ingredients lends a great, new twist to a  winter stew that tastes like you’ve just gone out to dinner.

Nourish recipes are mostly vegan and gluten free.  Every recipe is a healthy, creative exploration into flavor, satisfaction and delight.

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Recipe at Cozmeena Kitchen:   Spicy Mexican Posole Stew recipe

Enjoy this delicious YUM!


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