Tavalo Pronto’s #6 Tonino (Tuna) Panini

Cozmeena Kitchen presents: Tavalo Pronto’s #6 Tonino (Tuna)Panini

A couple summers back, there was a week when I must have heard referenced “The #6” at Tavalo from 5 different people.   At the beach one day, I saw my friend Beth eating an amazing looking sandwich. I asked her what it was she said in her slow, charming Georgian accent, “Oh, it’s just a number 6,” and she offered me a bite. It was then I discovered what everyone was talking about.

For those of you who live near Fair Haven, The #6 Tonino Panini is well worth the trip. Tavalo Pronto is a local favorite not only for their excellent food but also because of Owner and Pastry Chef, Patty Balderas. You’ll find Patty standing behind her baking bar (complete with high stools for chatting) whipping up delicious baked good basics like brownies, cookies, muffins and coffee cake along with specialties like tiramisu, Nutella cheesecake and many other scrumptious treats.   Patty will make you a great cake for your next party and my daughter Jen lives for her gluten free sour cream coffee cake or blueberry muffins.

Patty generously shared her delicious recipe for their Tonino Tuna for those of you who live far away. As you’ll see in the photo a specialty canned Italian tuna packed with only olive oil and salt is used. They use an entire can on each sandwich mixed with chopped hot cherry peppers, baby greens and a touch of creamy balsamic dressing. The finishing touch is the Ciabatta bread delivered fresh every morning from Balthazar bakery that is lightly toasted. Simply amazing!

Tavalo Pronto is the first business be awarded the Cozmeena Seal of Approval.

A Cozmeena Sanctioned business is a heart-centered, purpose-driven business providing quality products and services where love and kindness are the foundation of the corporate culture.